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IC Formulations, an innovative formulator and manufacturer of nutritional supplements and the developer of A Better Gummy®, gummy vitamins and Incredo LTD, a food tech company and developer of Incredo® Sugar, an award-winning sugar-based sugar reduction solution, announce an exclusive gummy manufacturing partnership.

IC Formulations has incorporated Incredo® Sugar into its A Better Gummy® nutraceutical gummy vitamin line. By using Incredo® Sugar, a patented, first-of-its-kind, clean-label, cane sugar-based sugar reduction solution, A Better Gummy® has developed a healthier gummy that achieves the same level of sweetness as traditional sugar-based gummies, but with up to a 50% reduction in sugar, without compromising taste, mouthfeel, or texture.

The collaboration will push new boundaries in the rapidly growing better-for-you vitamin and supplement category while maintaining a commitment to high grade nutraceutical quality that tastes great.

IC Formulations will fundamentally change the nutraceutical gummy industry with its product innovation and novel ingredients with Incredo Sugar® being one of our A Better Gummy® fundamental corner stones. The IC Formulations / Incredo partnership will deliver to the market great-tasting, plant-based nutrition, made better.” said Jonathan S. Greenwald, President, and CEO of IC Formulations.

Since 2018, IC Formulations has been working on the development of a superior nutraceutical gummy, which today, after over five years of research and development, is being launched as A Better Gummy® with patented Incredo Sugar®.

IC Formulations uses only the finest ingredients available to create unparalleled, quality end products. Formulated with the latest science, A Better Gummy® nutraceutical gummy vitamins feature patented and proprietary ingredients, often supported by third party clinical trials. Available in Incredo Sugar® and sugar free versions.

Together, the IC Formulations/Incredo partnership opens up numerous growth opportunities for brands seeking product innovation and a desire to tap into the explosive plant-based wellness categories. With up to 50% less sugar and up to 40% less calories than traditional leading brand pectin-based gummies, and with no corn syrup, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners, it is simply A Better Gummy®.

The gummy vitamin market is expected to grow to over $5.06 billion and have a CAGR of 12.54% from 2022-2026, with supplements for children continuing to be a key emerging trend, according to a recent forecast report. Concurrently, there is a surge in awareness of health concerns associated with the overconsumption of sugar. There is a need to reduce sugar consumption especially amongst the younger population with childhood obesity rates surpassing 18% in the US. Gummies are an important vitamin delivery system for children, but they are too high in sugar. By joining forces, IC Formulations and Incredo LTD hope to support a major shift by providing lower sugar options with better health benefits for all consumers.

“We believe in reducing the overconsumption of sugar. Partnering with IC Formulations will help deliver consumers nutraceutical gummies with strong functional ingredients while maintaining the delicious taste and texture” said Kelly Thompson, Incredo’s Co-CEO and Commercial Lead. “We are excited about this collaboration which will allow us to offer breakthrough products with substantially less sugar without using any artificial sweeteners.”

Both companies maintain an impressive existing roster of customers and partners. Incredo® Sugar currently works with a large network of companies, food manufacturers and CPGs globally to reduce sugar in baked goods and confectionary products, such as cakes, snacks, cookies, candy, spreads, and protein bars. IC Formulations works with a variety of premium-tier private label clients.

The teams at Incredo LTD and IC Formulations are available to discuss customized development opportunities that meet brands’ unique needs. Companies interested in launching better-for-you products can reach out to and To learn more about Incredo® Sugar, please visit For more information about IC Formulations, please visit


About Incredo LTD

Incredo LTD (f.k.a. DouxMatok) is pioneering the development of efficient nutrition and flavor delivery technologies. Its flagship product is its first-of-its-kind sugar-based sugar reduction solution, Incredo® Sugar, which maximizes the efficiency of sugar delivery to the sweet taste receptors and maintains the same level of sweetness, enabling substantial sugar reduction without compromising taste, mouthfeel, or texture. Independent consumer and expert sensory panel tests have confirmed that, when using Incredo® Sugar, in different applications, it is possible to reduce up to 50% reduction of the sugar levels in a wide range of food and snack products while retaining consumer preferences. For more information, please visit, or follow along on LinkedIn (

About Incredo® Sugar Recognized as a special mention in the ‘Best Inventions of 2020’ by TIME, Incredo® Sugar is the flagship product of Incredo LTD (f.k.a. DouxMatok), a global food tech company pioneering the development of efficient nutrition and flavor technologies and enabling tastier and healthier consumption of foods. Incredo® Sugar is a first-of-its-kind, clean-label, sugar-based sugar reduction solution that improves the efficiency of sugar delivery to the sweet taste receptors and achieves the same level of sweetness while enabling substantial sugar reduction without compromising taste, mouthfeel, or texture. Based on real cane sugar, this breakthrough, patented sugar reduction solution enables food manufacturers to develop delicious, better-for-you formulations that deliver great taste experiences and enhance nutritional values of sweet food products while reducing sugar. For more information, please visit

About IC Formulations IC Formulations is a US based nutraceutical manufacturer whose team has over 30 years of experience in the vitamin and supplement segment. Stock formulation offerings, including multiple clinically supported Women, Men and Children Wellness, Immune, Gut Health, Nootropic, Joint Health, Beauty, Hair & Nails, Skin, Sleep, Eye Health, Weight Loss, Functional Mushrooms. All of IC Formulations stock formulations are vegan, non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, and produced in FDA-registered, BRC Certified Facilities.

IC Formulations produces A Better Gummy® which serves as the delivery mechanism for an expanding family of unique and novel nutraceutical formulations, focusing on providing superior plant-based wellness products. Among A Better Gummy® technological breakthroughs, are its all-natural ingredients and it’s up to 50% all natural, sugar reduction. For more information, please visit

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